Best Gender Reveal Idea Ever - Crop Duster Airplane

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If you are looking for a unique gender reveal idea this is about as good as it gets!!! Many of us do not have access to this sort of reveal but if you do this is one of the greatest gender reveals I have ever seen.

These days having a gender reveal party is about as common as having a baby shower. While some expecting parents would rather the excitement of waiting until their little bundle of joy gets arrives to find out the sex, it seems many more are opting to find out before and share the experience with family and friends by having a gender reveal party.

My cousin and her husband had their baby's gender revealed by a crop duster plane flying over and spraying colored water to reveal the gender of their baby. This is their first child so while they considered the option of not finding out the gender ahead of time they decided they would rather know if it was a boy or girl so they could be better prepared. She wanted to have room decorated without having to use neutral colors did not want to be limited to buying unisex clothing.

The party was held at her mother-in-law's house. The guests wore either pink or blue clothing to represent what they thought she was having. We were served either pink or blue punch, and we were also asked to cast our vote for boy or girl by signing the framed sonogram pictures in either pink or blue. She and her husband had no idea of the sex of the baby. They had asked the sonographer to keep it a secret from them, so they had her write the gender down on a piece of paper and seal it in an envelope. As tempting as it was, they did not open the envelope but instead delivered it to the pilot and he was the only one who knew.

The party was held outdoors around the pool. When it was time for the reveal we all walked over to the empty lot next door and waited. Soon you could hear the plane’s engine and we were all ready, camera’s in hand, waiting anxiously. The plane flew over our heads and across to an empty field where it sprayed bright pink colored water to reveal that she was having a BABY GIRL!!! She was soooo surprised, as you can see in the picture, because she just knew she was having a boy.

Lucky for her she has access to some adorable newborn baby clothes.We just recently had her baby shower where she received some of the cutest monogrammed baby gowns, precious smocked dresses and lots of pink clothing.

We cannot wait for the arrival of Baby Aimee Marie!!

If you are able to use this idea I would highly recommend it but if not there are so many other great gender reveal ideas. Here are a few other ideas that are unique and fun:

* Balloon Filled with Colored Confetti

* Squirt Guns with Colored Water

* Hitting a Baseball Filled with Powdered Chalk

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