Size Charts

Tips on measuring for baby clothing

Below is a list of sizing charts by brand.  When measuring to determine what size your child will need it is best to measure an outfit that fits him/her instead of trying to measure your child.  The reason for this is because the measurements provided for the outfit are while the dress or romper is laying flat.  You will get a more accurate measurement to compare to the size chart if you take measurements the same way.  If it is a boys romper you are trying to measure, just lay the outfit flat on a hard surface and measure the outfit from the back of the neck to between the legs and this will give you the shoulder to crotch measurement.

Hope this helps but if you need additional help with sizing feel free to give us a call at 225-443-9077.




Click on the brand below to view the size chart. 


Sarah Louise Size Chart        Rosalina Size Chart


Petit Ami Size Chart             Feltman Brothers Size Chart


Petit Bebe Size Chart           Baby Deer Shoes


Remember Nguyen                      Magnolia Baby    


Paty Inc                          Rufflebutts


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